Turkey Hunting

The Hunting: 

Spring Archery season begins around March 25th and is excellent blind hunting up and until around April 10th. Bowhunters can expect to see large flocks of birds in the early season and can expect multiple bird interactions with our mounted turkey decoys at close range. A wildly successful bow hunt.

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Spring and Fall hunts

Bow or Shotgun

Spring shotgun season begins the Saturday closest to April 15th. From the opener and until around the 25th of April, blind hunting is important as the birds are still in fairly large groups. Between April 25th and May 8th-10th birds are henned up in the early morning but great run and gun calling can be had in the late morning/early afternoon. Hens generally start sitting around May 8th, leaving lonely gobblers and the best run and gun calling from then until the end of season May 31st. Although high temperatures later in the month can slow down gobbling earlier in the day, so we recommend the run and gun hunts finish by May 20th, if feasible with your schedule. 

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Maximum group size of 4

two bird limit

Fall turkey runs the months of September through December with the best hunting being from Thanksgiving to the end of the year. Large flocks of birds are scouted and blinds are positioned along travel routes. 


You will stay in our well-appointed farmhouse that sits on one of the ranches to be hunted. Group size is limited to 4 hunters at any one time. Each hunter will have a private bedroom with one bathroom per two hunters. Home-cooked meals are prepared by our camp cook. In 30 years of doing this, we have learned that a clean, comfortable home that sits on one of the hunting ranches makes the most relaxing, enjoyable and memorable hunt as opposed to the common “hotel hunt”, “trailer hunt” or “bunkhouse.” The ability to share the moments around camp along with the time afield is one of the main reasons that our hunters come as strangers and leave as friends.


Private Bedrooms

Farmhouse setting

A typical day:

Well before light, you’ll wake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee as you gather your gear. Continental breakfast is out and available for anyone needing a bite before heading to the woods. Hunters will drive anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on the ranch being hunted. Two hunters will ride to the hunting area with one guide. One hunter will be set in an area with blind and decoy while the other will hunt with the guide unless both hunters prefer to hunt alone, or together. Please just communicate your wishes with your guide. After the morning hunt, the big meal of the day is prepared. During good calling times, some hunters will head back out immediately to find callable Toms whose hens have left to lay. During poor calling, hunters can relax a bit before heading out to look and listen prior to a late afternoon/evening hunt. The evening meal is soup/sandwich/casserole type to accommodate the various times hunters come in during this long day/short night hunt. 

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private ranches

Early season blind hunts require very little physical ability as the walking distances to blinds are short. Run and gun hunting in this country is relatively easy but you should be prepared to do some walking, like 2-4 miles per day. The average two-bird hunt is over in 1.5 days but due to possible weather issues, we do not recommend you shorten your trip to less than the three days.


Please arrive the afternoon/evening before your hunt, hunt three days and plan on departing the morning after the third hunting day.


Early bow hunts can range widely from bluebird 70-degree days to cold and snow. We have blinds, chairs, and heaters so as long as you come to hunt, we will have the ability to keep you hunting comfortably.


10 hunter limit per year

book early

Shotgun season in April will see temps ranging from 40-degree mornings to 60-degree days. In May temps warm up to as high as the 80’s at mid-day. Rain is possible at any time during the season.


Two turkey permits and one habitat stamp are required per hunter at a cost of: $243.00

You can purchase your permits at: http://outdoornebraska.gov

Meat care and trophy prep:

We will freeze your bird for you for transportation home. The meat can be either taken with you or legally donated to us. If you leave it with us, rest assured it will go to good use. If there is one thing we have perfected in 30 years and 3000 birds, it’s good turkey recipes.


Your guides are full-time employees that are on the ranch nearly every day of the year doing ranch activities as well as winter supplemental feeding, trail cams, scouting, food plots, etc. They have decades of experience guiding, have all guided to several hundred birds and nobody knows every square inch of the ranches better than they do. Hunts are conducted on a 2x1 guide ratio.

2020 Turkey Hunt Pricing and Dates


Season Dates

Spring Archery - 3/28 - 5/31

Spring Shotgun - Mid April through end of May.

Whats Included

-Fully outfitted hunt for 2 birds

-2x1 guide service



-Transportation while hunting

-Field prep of your trophy

Not Included

-5.5% Nebraska state sales tax

-Hunting license/habitat stamp


-Transportation to/from camp before or after the hunt


Available Airports:

Sioux City Iowa, 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Grand Island, Nebraska: 2 ½ hours.

Sioux Falls South Dakota, 3 hours.

Omaha, Nebraska: 4 hours hours

Ranch Address:
49682 887 Rd.
O’Neill, NE 68763

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