Nebraska's Finest Deer and Turkey hunting

25 years of land management experience in Nebraska has made us a top producer of giant free range, fair chase, farm country whitetails and Merriam’s turkey.  Having our own ranches in this beautiful part of the state means we are able to manage the croplands, cattle pastures and wildlife areas to insure a quality hunt year in and year out. Our efforts on these ranches have produced personal best whitetail for dozens of hunters over the years. But these results only come with very limited harvest, so the offer to hunt the Prairie King Ranches is available to only 8 deer hunters and 15 turkey hunters annually.


Upcoming hunts

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Alfalfa hay

From first cutting to fourth, check our inventory of quality alfalfa hay here.


Turkey Hunts

Since 1991 our turkey hunts have been world-renowned.   Spring or Fall two-bird hunts.  $1895 including lodging, meals and 2x1 guiding.


Rifle Rut Deer Hunts

4-Day 2x1 hunts during peak rut in semi-open country.  It's no wonder why the success rate is nearly 100%.  Expectations between 140-170 gross with the occasional 180+ buck.  $4950.


Archery & Muzzleloader Deer Hunts

Archery hunts offered September and November.  Muzzleloader in December.  5-day, 2x1 $4950.

Hunt the best of nebraska!
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